ESL - Business English - International Business:

 Communication Skill アップの機会をご提供致します。

 12 or 18 weeks の Certificate Program、25 weeks の Diploma Program を開講しております。国際ビジネス
 に必要な基礎知識と実践的なスキル、Discussion - Power Point - Essay - Team Project -
 Project Management, Computer-aided Business Tool 等を習得します。各 Module はその理論と実践的


 4 週間の企業研修では国際的に活躍している企業、ハイテク企業が多くオフィスを持つバンクーバーで、

1  インターナショナルビジネス。 
2  人材管理 & ジョブサーチ。
3  インターナショナルファイナンス & 投資。
4  国際化 & カルチュアルアウェアネス。 Intermediate Business Certificate
5  インターナショナルマーケティング。
6  企業開発スキル & ビジネスデベロップメント。 Advanced Business Certificate
7  4 週間の企業研修。 Business DIPLOMA

Business Internship Diploma Program MODULES
Introduction to
International Business
Geared to those students without a business background, and a useful refresher course for those who do happen to have one. We look at basic definitions of international companies, as well as recent figures for trade and foreign direct investment. We also study theories of international trade and investment.
Human Resources
Creative Job Search
We aim to provide the students with the necessary tools for a creative and effective job search: self-assessment, resume, cover letter, interview techniques, various job search methods and tools. We then cross the fence and zoom in on what human resource departments in (international) companies do and how they function.
International Finance We introduce this topic via a brief detour that deals with personal finance and investment. From there we head out into the "big" world of international finance: institutions such as IMF and World Bank, as well as the markets for foreign exchange, money, and capital. We see how international companies deal with the financial side of their operations.
Globalization and
Cultural Awareness
No serious student of business can escape this topical debate. What are the arguments, both pro and con, used in this debate? Who are the participants? to ground our discussion in our concrete environment and background, we help students to reflect on and analyze their own cultural assumptions, ideas and awareness.
International Marketing How does international marketing differ from domestic marketing? How do international companies screen foreign markets and market segments? Why do they decide on a particular marketing mix? These are only some of the issues we deal with. The module also includes a look at some recent marketing trends, and a discussion of the social impact of marketing.
International Management Starting from basic management theories and concepts, we then expand these into the arena of international business. We put significant emphasis on mission statements, goals and objectives, company structures, and strategic plans. We also analyze how managers work with foreign subsidiaries, and tie up some loose ends left dangling in previous modules.
Business Development and Entrepreneurial Skills Having spent considerable time studying international companies, we shift focus in this module, and launch into a much more personal, and practical project: the conception, development, and writing of a business plan for a small or home-based business of choice. As much as possible, we include lessons, suggestions, and ideas from previous modules into this exercise.

Basic Business Certificate (12 weeks) $3,100 $200 $200
Intermediate Business Certificate (18 weeks) $4,350 $250 $200
Business Internship Diploma $5,800 $300 $200

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